NaviMed℠ is Lisa Larkin, MD, and Associates’ unique patient navigation service. A Patient Navigator is a person who helps patients effectively and efficiently manage the healthcare system. Unfortunately, our healthcare system is still considered to be quite complex, confusing and fragmented. And while primary care physicians and their teams work to help their patients by referring to and coordinating care outside of their primary care office visits, there is often limited time to do so, and the needs are greater than primary care offices can support. This is where a patient navigator can add great value for both physicians and patients, freeing up time for the physician and providing personalized attention and care for individual patients.

Studies have shown that use of patient navigators can help improve patients’ outcomes – or treatment success, especially for complex cases.

Our NaviMed℠ patient navigation service is led by Michelle Brenner. Through NaviMed℠, we can assist you with a variety of patient issues, including:

  • Care Coordination
  • Scheduling appointments with specialists, imaging, etc.
  • Patient education
  • Complex billing needs
  • Records coordination
  • Physician collaboration
  • Medical authorization, prior authorizations and appeals
  • Authorization for controlled substances

NaviMed℠ services are included in our Concierge Care plan. For Direct Primary Care (DPC) patients, NaviMed℠ services can be added on for a $10 monthly fee (applied annually) or for per-project (by the hour) rates of $75/hour or $40/30 minutes. Please contact us with any questions or to arrange for a NaviMed℠ consultation.

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