Offering Hope and Support for Families Affected by Dementia

Offering Hope and Support for Families Affected by Dementia

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By Pam Ecker, COO at Superior Care Plus

Dementia is often labeled as a single disease. But those suffering from dementia related conditions, and their loved ones, know differently.

Dementia is a general classification that covers many different conditions, like Alzheimer’s disease, that cause a decline in memory, language, problem-solving and other cognitive skills. Typically, the decline is severe enough that it impacts everyday life.

Individuals coping with any of the many conditions caused by dementia – and the caregivers who support them every day – understand this struggle firsthand. It can be overwhelming, frustrating and emotional as you or a loved one grapple with a new normal.

Fortunately, research has led to many exciting breakthroughs to help individuals and caregivers better manage symptoms and cope with their disease. One of these therapies is the Ashby Memory Method.

What is Ashby Memory Method?

Ashby Memory Method (AMM) is an evidence-based quality of life program. It offers interactive cognitive therapy to help individuals experiencing early memory loss better manage their symptoms and slow the progression of the disease. This approach ultimately helps foster independence and improve quality of life.

AMM is tailored to each patient, incorporating their interests and strengths into the program to encourage participation and drive outcomes. It can be added to anyone’s treatment plan – as a standalone therapy or incorporated with other treatments and therapies.

Superior Care Plus is one of the only home health agencies in the region to offer AMM. Our specially trained staff work closely with clients and caregivers to develop an individualized plan. The AMM program requires extensive training and on-going education. Staff is selected for this program based on specific criteria to assure the best outcomes are achieved for our clients.

Our staff, client and caregiver work together twice a week focusing on retrain the brain with “brain exercises.”  Between these two sessions, clients and caregivers have exercises they are able to complete. Upon discharge, the client and caregiver have the knowledge, tools and resources to enhance their quality of life.  

What are the benefits of AMM?

Research has shown that participants and caregivers enjoy a higher quality of life through the AMM program:

  • Individuals are often able to stay at home longer
  • Caregivers experience reduced stress
  • Relationships between loved ones and caregivers are improved
  • Reduced care costs that can sometimes cause financial stress

Who qualifies for AMM?

AMM was developed for individuals struggling with early memory loss as a result of:

  • Dementia
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Strokes
  • Neurological conditions

Our team at Superior Care Plus will evaluate individuals and families in the comfort of their own home. The program is covered at 100% by MCR/MCR Advantage Plans.

If you or your loved one does not qualify for AMM, the Alzheimer’s Whisper program is another effective program. This practical approach focuses on caregiver strategies to manage sometimes challenging behaviors of Alzheimer’s, including:

  • Agitation and aggression
  • Bathing and ADL concerns
  • Fall prevention
  • Repetition
  • Wandering
  • Resistance to care
  • Persistence sadness
  • Sexually inappropriate behavior

Your provider can help you decide if these programs are right for your family. You can also learn more about AMM and Alzheimer’s Whisper by calling Superior Care Plus at 513-231-1060.

Superior Care Plus is proud to be a health partner with Lisa Larkin, MD, and Associates. As a family-owned and operated home health agency, we are committed to offering services and support for loved ones and their caregivers.