Ms.Medicine is a national organization whose mission is to advance women’s healthcare. Lisa Larkin, MD, and Associates is the flagship practice for Ms.Medicine.


Our Ms.Medicine concierge primary care model for women addresses an unmet need in women’s health – gender-specific care. For too long, women have been seen as “just small men” when it comes to healthcare, especially in the traditional primary care setting, where providers have very limited time (and limited training in women’s health) to address women’s complex health needs. Our concierge model eliminates the barriers of third-party payers (e.g., health insurance and Medicare) and creates a direct relationship with the patient.


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Our Model

Ms.Medicine is exceptional, accessible concierge primary care medicine. It is the healthcare women deserve today. Our comprehensive women’s primary care and specialty care services include a focus on prevention and well-being.


Our providers bring years of experience in internal medicine, heart care, weight management, sleep, urgent care, menopause management, sexual health, breast cancer risk assessment and prevention, cancer survivorship, genetics, gynecology, pelvic floor conditions and nutrition to each patient we serve.


We believe women need and should expect:

    • Up-to-date, evidence-based care
    • Exceptional customer service
    • Easy access to the practice
    • More time with your provider
    • Direct access to your provider
    • Enhanced provider/patient relationship
    • Healthcare navigation services
    • Lower cost, affordable healthcare
    • Gender-specific care


Ms.Medicine practices are membership-based and charge an annual patient fee, instead of opting into insurance and Medicare plans. This practice structure allows you to have longer patient appointments, same or next business day appointments, telehealth, direct email and cell phone access to your provider, and improved healthcare navigation services. This approach was structured to add value to your health, well-being and quality of life.
The Ms.Medicine approach might also reduce your overall healthcare costs. By working to keep you healthy and out of the hospital, we’re able to decrease your need for emergency and urgent care visits. Additionally, we are able to pass on greatly reduced cost savings for some prescription medicines, labs, diagnostic tests and other services.


*Note that membership in Lisa Larkin, MD, and Associates or Ms.Medicine is not considered insurance as recognized by the Affordable Care Act. In fact, we highly recommend that patients carry health insurance for services not covered under your primary care membership, such as visits with specialists or hospitalization. Many patients pair their membership with higher deductible insurance plans to reduce their total annual out-of-pocket healthcare costs.

Pricing & Services

Membership in the Lisa Larkin, MD, and Associates Ms.Medicine concierge women’s health practice is $2750* per year and includes:


    • All-inclusive, women’s health-focused, primary care provided by women’s health-trained providers for one annual fee
    • More time with your providers, less time waiting. A 60-minute, annual physical and wellness visit and as many in-office, 30-minute follow-up or urgent visits as needed throughout the year
    • 24/7 access to Ms.Medicine provider via phone, cell and email, including telehealth and home visits (when appropriate)
    • Guaranteed same-day or next-day urgent visits with provider
    • Comprehensive healthcare coordination services (such as referrals, home care services, etc.) coordinated by our in-house concierge
    • Annual body composition and metabolic rate analysis
    • Wellness and disease prevention strategies
    • In-office IV fluids and medications, when appropriate, to prevent urgent care or ER visits
    • Access to specialty health and wellness services, which include: gynecology services, genetics, nutrition, pelvic floor physical therapy, mental health services, gastroenterology, therapeutic massage, Botox and others – and more being added soon
    • Access to deeply discounted in-office labs, prescription medication and other office services
    • And, coming soon, an expanded Ms.Medicine website with patient portal and mobile app providing patients with access to the office, their provider and their health records


(*in-office diagnostics, IV fluids, home visits, and some wellness services incur additional, reasonable fees)

Specialty Consults for Women

Lisa Larkin, MD, offers specialty consults for non-member patients. (Consults are offered on a cash basis. Each one-hour consult is $325; patients can apply consult fees to their HSAs if available. Any testing or lab work may be submitted to insurance if applicable.)



Menopause is often a difficult time for women, and unfortunately, menopause management is clearly under addressed in today’s healthcare setting. The loss of ovarian hormones, especially estrogen, for most women leads to new and bothersome hot flashes, sleep disturbances, mood changes, and significant physical changes including, weight gain, change in body fat distribution and skin changes. Women are fearful of hormone therapy due largely to concerns of increased breast cancer risk. Most primary care providers are also fearful of hormone therapy and reluctant to prescribe hormone therapy due largely to a lack of understanding of the current data suggesting benefit for most menopausal women. As a result, the vast majority of women suffer with symptoms in silence and go untreated, or alternatively, seek care in non-traditional practices and receive therapies that are not FDA approved.


A certified menopause practitioner and an expert in menopause management, Dr. Larkin offers specialized menopause consultations for women. Appropriate candidates for these consultations include healthy women with menopause symptoms, women looking for a second opinion regarding menopause management, and women with complex health issues (high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis), BRCA carriers, and cancer survivors in whom management of menopause is more complicated and nuanced.


Dr. Larkin practices evidence-based medicine and follows guidelines for menopause management endorsed by ACOG (American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology) and NAMS (North American Menopause Society) – the two leading, national women’s health professional associations. Dr. Larkin offers FDA-approved hormone options (when appropriate), and non-hormonal options for women not appropriate for hormone therapy. Each one-hour consultation includes a comprehensive evaluation, including history and physical exam, and the development of a comprehensive and individualized menopause management plan, evidence-based treatment recommendations and a written report summarizing the results of the consultation. She works in collaboration with a patient’s primary care provider including providing a comprehensive consult follow-up letter. Additional 30-minute follow-up appointments and annual follow up appointments are encouraged.



Sexual health issues are extremely common in all women and yet the vast majority of women remain untreated. Patients and clinicians alike are uncomfortable addressing sexual health concerns of women. In addition, the majority of primary care providers and OB/GYNs lack sexual health training and do not have enough time during visits to adequately address sexual health concerns. We must do more.


Dr. Larkin is a sexual health expert and is passionate about raising the standard of care for women and advancing evidence-based sexual health care across the lifespan of all women.


Sexual health consultations with Dr. Larkin are one hour which affords her adequate time for a complete evaluation of specific complaints. Each consultation includes a comprehensive, visit/exam that allows time to address a variety of concerns, including: sexual pain, menopause-related sexual dysfunction, low desire, sexual dysfunction related to cancer treatment and other issues. Additional 30-minute follow-up appointments are available if needed.



It’s time to change the conversation from detection to prevention. Mammograms detect cancer, but we now know so much more about ways to reduce women’s risk of developing breast cancer. Women are aware that screening for breast cancer with an annual mammogram is important, and most women check the box off their annual mammogram and forget about their risk of breast cancer for a year. But an annual screening for breast cancer versus understanding personal risk of developing breast cancer are two vastly different things. Dr. Larkin offers individualized breast cancer risk assessment screening to determine a patient’s risk for breast cancer – and develops a plan for risk reduction and appropriate screenings.



We know cancer survivors benefit from comprehensive healthcare, which requires the type of time not typically allotted in traditional primary care settings. As a primary care provider and breast cancer survivor, Dr. Larkin has developed a passion for addressing health and wellness needs of cancer survivors. Consults include a comprehensive evaluation, including late-term effects of cancer therapies (chemotherapy, radiation and drug therapy.) Focus includes identifying opportunities for improved wellness, appropriate screenings and late consequences of cancer treatment therapies. Additional 30-minute follow-up appointments if needed.



Migraines affect 12% of the general population, with women developing migraines nearly three times as often as men. Each consult includes a comprehensive health assessment, discussion of treatments (including Botox and the newest CGRP preventative medications) for management of symptoms and strategies and therapies for prevention based on latest evidence-based guidelines and research.

Frequently Asked Questions


Concierge, or membership medicine, means that patients pay a membership fee to join the practice, and their membership includes all office visits, plus ability to reach their provider 24/7 via phone, text or email. By using the membership model, we are no longer beholden to insurance barriers that dictate your care and require physicians to see an unreasonable number of patients in a day. Concierge medicine lets doctors and patients spend more time together to focus on prevention and overall wellness – not just treatment when you are sick. That’s the way I think medicine should be.



The Concierge medicine model means your primary care visits with your provider are covered through your annual fee. We work in partnership directly with you, and you use your insurance for needs outside of your primary care, such as for visits with specialists or hospitalization, if required. You also may be able to submit your membership fees to your HSA (all plans vary, so check with your administrator.) In some cases, we can provide an itemized receipt for you to submit to your insurance for out-of-network benefits. Some patients pair their concierge medicine membership with a high deductible/lower premium health insurance plan to help lower their overall out-of-pocket costs and see continued health savings.



Health insurance is important, and we absolutely recommend that patients have health insurance to help cover medical expenses, especially for specialty care and hospitalization. But the truth is, the out-of-pocket costs for patients are increasing year over year. Many patients – especially those with high deductible plans—never reach their deductible in a given year and essentially pay completely out-of-pocket for their care. However, these patients are still being cared for in an outdated and under-equipped model of traditional primary care. Today’s traditional, insurance-based, medical model works against patients. Doctors are expected to see 26 – 28 patients in a day, resulting in minimal time with each patient – the average visit? Just 10 – 15 minutes with their doctor. That’s barely enough time to address immediate health needs let alone focus on prevention and overall wellness. In fact, doctors are actually financially penalized when they do spend time providing preventative health care because more time with individual patients means seeing fewer patients per day.


Your concierge membership fee includes the cost of all your visits, and it takes out the middleman (health insurance). That means I am reachable 24/7 (through cell phone, email or text), same-day (or next business day) urgent appointments, little to no time in the waiting room, and more time together at every appointment (30 minutes to an hour). Plus, more time together means we can focus on areas that tend to be neglected in traditional primary care, like preventative measures, sexual health, cancer risk and more.



Membership in Lisa Larkin, MD, and Associates or Ms.Medicine is not considered insurance as recognized by the Affordable Care Act. In fact, we highly recommend that patients carry health insurance for services not covered under your primary care membership, such as visits with specialists or hospitalization. Many patients pair their membership with higher deductible insurance plans to reduce their total annual out-of-pocket healthcare costs.



Call us at 513.760.5511 to schedule.



Patients commit to an initial 6-month membership contract, and after that, you may choose to pay monthly, semi-annually or annually.


We would encourage you to consider the amount of money you’ll spend out-of-pocket in an average year for your healthcare needs. Also consider if you’re getting the kind of access, timeliness and care you want from your provider. Do you have chronic illness, a family history of illness or concerns about your health that you have not discussed with your primary care provider? Do you feel like you’re getting expert advice about preventative measures you should take to reduce your risk of illness? Does your doctor address issues such as sexual health, menopause, bone health, and cancer risk with you? Sometimes, the money you spend to prevent illness results in money saved should you become sick down the road and require extensive or long-term treatment. In fact, academic studies have shown that patients who belonged to a concierge practice had fewer emergency department visits and fewer in-patient admissions than those who did not. Good insurance coverage doesn’t always translate to excellent care.



Our providers have always had a special interest in women’s health in our internal medicine practice. Ms.Medicine is the first national concierge primary care model designed to address the complex medical needs of women (however, we do also see male patients.) Our physicians have received additional specialty training in women’s health, and our practices provide a level of care that addresses women’s unique needs, especially in areas such as menopause, bone health, breast cancer risk assessment, cancer survivorship and sexual health.