How to Create a Thrifty Outdoor Oasis

How to Create a Thrifty Outdoor Oasis

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Blog by Gina Siegel, Caring Transitions

As we head into fall and cooler temperatures, now is the time to expand your living space by sprucing up your outdoor space. 

Here are five items that are great ways to help you create an outdoor oasis that looks and feels luxurious, without breaking the bank.

Resale or Upcycled Outdoor Furniture

As people clean or move, outdoor furniture is likely among items they don’t want the hassle of bringing with them. This makes it perfect to find “new to you.” When shopping for resale patio furniture, look for well-made items comprised of materials that can withstand the weather and will age well. Items made of wrought iron, bronze and steel are popular because of their durability.  Be sure to inspect the item for rust and signs of wear that could keep the furniture from being sturdy.

Resale Grills

Purchasing a used grill can help you save hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of dollars. Look for well-maintained, sturdy built items, free of dents or rust. Experts at suggest looking for “a BBQ that comes with a few goodies: a cover is essential, but others might be specialty grates, charcoal lights, gas bottles or even cook books. Try to find something that is going to set you up without having to spend another dollar.”  

Planters & Pottery

You can find beautiful like-new ceramic, clay, terracotta, fiberglass, glass, resin or polyresin containers perfect for accenting your outdoor oasis for a fraction of the cost by purchasing resale. When shopping for resale planters and pottery, keep in mind ceramic items can be extremely heavy on their own and even more so when filled with soil. Whatever container you choose, go for unique items that match your theme colors, textures, and design style. Remember to check the item to make sure it is free of chips, cracks of any size and without lead.

Pergolas, Gazebos and Patio Umbrellas

Every outdoor oasis needs a bit of shade to shield you and your guests from the sun. These are often some of the most expensive outdoor items to purchase retail. Like new or gently used patio umbrellas are a great find. In some cases, you can find the umbrella resale, keep the frame, and replace the cover. If you consider purchasing a pergola or gazebo resale, pay attention to the structure and materials. With any of the items mentioned in this category, be sure it is well constructed with sturdy materials free of rust, bends, or splinters. Also check nuts bolts and screws to ensure none are missing, loose, or too uncommon to replace.

Plants & Soil

Surprised? We were, too! Yes, plants and soil can be purchased resale. According to, resale plants are “cuttings, specimens from plant sales, or anything not bought from a certified nursery or home and garden store.” With garden soil, pay close attention to the soil type and opt for new unopened resale bags.  It’s important that the soil works well for your yard and region.

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