A Functional Nutrition Approach

A Functional Nutrition Approach

by Liz DeJulius, MD, RDN, LDN

Alliance Integrative Medicine

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Functional medicine is a patient-centered medical treatment that views the body as a full system, rather than isolated sets of symptoms. Working with a functional medicine practitioner will yield a teamwork approach that uncovers your history from birth until present day. This method helps identify the root cause of your symptoms, rather than masking the symptoms. Then end result can be you living of life full of wellness and vitality, managed by lifestyle habits rather than a pillbox full of lifelong medications.


Treating a patient using functional medicine first lays the foundation of a healthy lifestyle through a nutrient-dense diet. A functional medicine registered dietitian views food more than just a number; they consider food your daily multivitamin, a part of your social relationships, a source of your immunity and the energy you need to fulfill daily activities. A healthful diet in the eyes of a functional medicine dietitian is rich in phytonutrients coming from the deep colors of vegetables and fruits, moderate in healthy fats such as olive oil and avocado, high in fiber from nuts, seeds, whole grains, adequate in high quality protein and free from inflammatory-causing substances such as processed foods, refined grains and added sugars. By following this anti-inflammatory diet, you can rid your body of pain, decrease inflammation, improve GI function and boost cognition.


If you struggle with excess weight, a FM dietitian can prescribe an anti-inflammatory diet to decrease systemic inflammation. This approach is suitable for the long term as it will leave you feeling satisfied and full, both physically and emotionally. One must break the addictive ties with food addictions to sugar, caffeine and alcohol to regain control of appetite, hungry and satiety. FM dietitians will support your body with nutrient-rich foods, while also discussing habits such as sleep, stress and exercise that are an equal part to your health puzzle.


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