What is EPIC and Why Should Patients Care?

What is EPIC and Why Should Patients Care?

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EPIC is the Electronic Health Record used by all hospital systems in the Greater Cincinnati area. Lisa Larkin, MD, and Associates chose EPIC as their practice electronic medical record in order to provide the best possible care to their patients. No other independent physician practice in Greater Cincinnati has EPIC.


EPIC is the Rolls Royce of electronic health records. It has the most robust platform and is the electronic health record of the majority of hospital systems in the country. It is also the most expensive. For an independent practice, there are many other far less expensive electronic health record options available.


However, our practice chose EPIC, despite the substantial additional cost, because we believe having access to complete medical records for our patients is critical for providing excellent comprehensive care. With EPIC, our providers are able to access the complete electronic health record for all of our patients at any time, across all health systems. For example, a patient of the practice might see a consultant cardiologist at Christ, a gastroenterologist at TriHealth, have testing done at Proscan, and end up in the ER at Jewish, and ALL of the records for those visits and results are readily available to our providers at any time. This is not the case for providers who use other electronic health records that do not interface with EPIC. Another advantage of EPIC is that patients have easy access to their own health records through MyChart.

Dr. Larkin chose EPIC for Lisa Larkin, MD, and Associates to facilitate the best possible care for patients.