Our Practice

As healthcare costs continue to soar, both patients and physician practices have suffered. It’s time we—both patients and physicians—regain control of how medicine is practiced. Our direct primary care practice approach provides two innovative business models for member patients of our practice. In order to be registered as a member of our practice, patients must select one of the below plans:

Membership Options

Concierge Medicine

An enhanced, premium access plan available for those who prefer 24/7 access to their preferred provider as well as included office visits, consultations and more.

Direct Primary Care

A new model for providing care that eliminates the obstacle of insurance and creates a direct relationship between the patient and the practice


Have questions about membership options? Want to learn more about options, benefits and how our practice works?

Non-Membership Options

Additionally, our direct primary care practice offers other services, consultations and urgent visit options available to non-member patients. These include:

Women’s Health Consults

Special consultations, assessments and evidence-based treatment recommendations with one of our certified women’s health experts (patient plan not required).

Medical Consults

Special consultation, such as second opinion or expert advice from one of our providers (patient plan not required).

Urgent Care

Option for office visits for patients who are not members of either of the practice plans (patient plan not required).

Travel Visits

Prepare for an upcoming trip. Includes consultation with provider & determination of needed vaccines.