Kim Lauch

Kim Lauch is a corporate, group, family, school, and personal wellness coach with a passion for cultivating her client’s mind-body-spirit awareness through the practices of Yoga Therapy, Mindfulness, Mindful Art, Ayurveda, and Holistic Nutritional Coaching. She was called to the practice of mindfulness and yoga in 1999 while earning her Bachelor of Science in Economics and began her teaching journey in 2005 calling on her experience and trainings with many yogis, Pilates instructors, educators, doctors, therapists, Swamis, Shamans, and Monks from all around the world. She has helped many adults and children lessen one’s suffering from a diagnosed illness or disease, as well as those in recovery.

With four children of her own and running her own business, she understands the pressure that modern-day lifestyles weigh on people. Illness and disease are preventable, and she is here to help. Preventative practices are key to longevity, however, even if one is in the active stage of disease or illness, she will help ease symptoms through simple but extremely powerful techniques. She meets her clients where they are emotionally, physically, and spiritually to help cultivate one’s inner light and heal oneself from the inside out. To learn more about Kim and her complete practice, please visit