Direct Primary Care

Lisa Larkin, MD & Associates offers patients Direct Primary Care (DPC)—an emerging model in healthcare that focuses on affordability, accessibility and personalization. By eliminating the obstacle of health insurance and creating a direct financial relationship between patient and provider, we are able to offer more affordable care and greater accessibility for patients. Direct Primary Care Cincinnati members pay a reasonable monthly fee (or one-time annual fee).


NOTE – During these uncertain times due to the COVID-19 crisis, we want to accommodate new patients as best we can. We believe the best care requires an ongoing relationship between patient and clinician. However, in order to accommodate new patients during this health crisis, we are offering  Direct Primary Care ‘trial’ membership. This means:

  • We can establish you as a patient and conduct your initial visit via telehealth, if that is appropriate.
  • Telehealth can mean a phone call or a video call (e.g., Skype or Facetime). During this crisis, regulations have been relaxed and providers who typically could not use those platforms (due to HIPAA requirements) may do so now.
  • While we typically require a minimum six-month contract, during this COVID-19 crisis, we will reduce that commitment to three months, although we hope that you’ll continue your care with us ongoing.
  • Your initial telehealth visit is $90 – the same as an in-office initial visit. Follow-up visits (in person or via telehealth) are $50 per visit.

  • Access to practice as a member of the practice
  • Option to select preferred provider for priority access; although access to the practice is guaranteed
  • Urgent visits within 24 hours guaranteed
  • Access to MyChart (online medical records) via EPIC
  • After hours and weekend coverage by on-call practice provider
  • Laboratory testing, imaging, specialist referrals and hospital services billed to your insurance as usual—or—option for direct bill in-office lab testing when available at greatly reduced rate


  • Reasonable monthly fee (or one-time annual fee) to become a member of the practice
    • NEW TelemedicinePlus Plan – for ages 16 – 30 – $300 annually
    • NEW Young Adult – ages 16 – 30 – $35 per month ($420 annually)
    • Ages 44 and under – $45 per month ($540 annually)
    • Ages 45- 64 – $65 per month ($780 annually)
    • Ages 65 and older – $85 per month ($1020 annually)
  • Reasonable co-pay for office visits, including annual physical exam, follow-up or sick visits, and nurse visits
    • 60-minute annual physical exam – $90
    • up to 30-minute follow-up or sick appointments – $50
  • Discounted prices for in-office lab tests

Best For:

  • Patients who wish to be a member of the practice and are satisfied seeing available provider when preferred provider is not available
  • Patients who desire reliable, consistent access to primary care practice
  • Patients who seek high touch, personalized medicine and a comprehensive medical home



* Please note that Dr. Larkin and Dr. Wright are no longer accepting DPC patients in their practice. However, Ashley Shea, DNP, AGNP   and Suzanne Kahle, MSN, APRN, FNP-C  both have DPC slots available in their practices.

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