What is Custom Prescription Compounding?

What is Custom Prescription Compounding?

By David Yost
Compounding Pharmacist
Yost Pharmacy
120 West Main Street
Mason, Ohio 45040


At our third-generation family pharmacy in Mason, we have been compounding medications for our patients for well over 70 years. I’ve been a part of that tradition myself for the past 23 years. Of the multitude of tasks required to run a pharmacy, I find compounding to be one of the most interesting and fulfilling.

Custom prescription compounding is where pharmacists create a pharmaceutical product (medication) to meet the need of a specific patient. We take quality-tested ingredients and combine them using both long practiced techniques and modern equipment to create medications in a variety of forms. We compound liquids, creams, suppositories, lozenges, treats, and even lollipops!

With so many FDA approved prescription products on the market you might wonder why we still need to compound medications. Think of it as you would think of clothing. There are thousands of articles of clothing to choose from at hundreds of stores.  Still, you may need to get your clothing altered to fit just right. At other times – especially if you are in search of something very specific – you might just need to have it made from scratch. The same is true with medication.

There are some instances where an FDA approved medication just doesn’t meet the need of the patient. For example, when a child needs a medication that is only manufactured in a tablet or capsule form and isn’t capable of swallowing a pill, we can compound an age-appropriate dose in a palatable liquid form. Another example might be a patient who has severe food or skin allergies. We can compound a medication in a form that is free of allergens and preservatives. How about when you are trying to treat a condition that requires a product not available on the market at all? This particular instance is the genesis of our partnership with Dr. Larkin. There are certain conditions or syndromes in which women can benefit from topical testosterone therapy. Although topical Testosterone has been manufactured for years and in many forms for men who have low testosterone, never has a product been approved for women. We are proud to have worked together with Dr. Larkin and her colleagues to develop a compounded topical testosterone product that is at a dosage appropriate for the women they treat.

Collaborations like this between physicians, pharmacists, and patients are the foundation on which compounding has been built. If you have a condition where traditional medications aren’t producing a satisfactory result, we at Yost Pharmacy would love to work with you and your physician to see if compounding can offer a solution.