COVID-19 Vaccine Roll Out Update

COVID-19 Vaccine Roll Out Update

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The vaccine roll out in Ohio continues to be challenging and is forcing many of our patients to register on multiple sites in order to get vaccination appointments. While this isn’t ideal, we keep singing “My Shot” from Hamilton. Perseverance and tenacity are the keys to getting your shot scheduled and not throwin’ away your shot!

As of this week, Ohioans 70+ years are now eligible to receive the vaccine. On Monday, February 8, the age goes to 65+. School staff are also now eligible, with most Cincinnati districts scheduled to start receiving Monday, February 8. Below is a comprehensive list that includes all information on vaccination appointments and locations in Southwest Ohio.


Hamilton County Board of Health – Register online through website below. You will receive an email correspondence when your tier window is open with an appointment date and time.

The City of Cincinnati Health Department – Register online to be notified when the vaccination becomes available.

The Health Collaborative – A great resource for overall information about COVID vaccine eligibility and links to locations for the vaccine.

Healthsource – Register online or call. Locations throughout Southwest Ohio.

State of Ohio – Find the most up-to-date information about locations near you providing the vaccine.

Christ Hospital – Scheduling patients 70 and older, only through MyChart. A patient must be active with Christ Hospital’s MyChart and will receive a notification about their vaccination. Log into your MyChart daily. Currently not taking phone calls for appointments.

Mercy Health COVID Vaccination Hotline –866.624.0366 OR if active on MyChart log in daily for updates.

TriHealth – All vaccine appointments are filled online. If current with MyChart, check daily for updates as appointments will be filled there.More information available at their COVID vaccine hotline at 513.862.6843

UC Health – Call 513.584.DOSE OR if active on MyChart, log in daily for updates. Currently, UC Health is vaccinating all patients, not just UC Health patients.

CVS Pharmacy – Register online or call local pharmacy.

Kroger Pharmacy– Register online by zip code.

Meijer Pharmacy – Text “COVID” to 75049 to register and receive updates.

Walgreens – Register online (must have Walgreens account) or call local pharmacy.


  • Experts believe that even if you do get COVID-19 after your vaccinations, the vaccine will keep you from getting seriously ill.
  • The CDC recommends continuing to wear masks to protect yourself and others from exposure even after you have received the vaccine, with new recommendations to “double mask” in to protect against the variants.