Controlled Substances Policy

The safety and care of our patients is our number one priority! Recent changes in state law (and our office policies and procedures) regarding controlled substances were designed with your safety and care in mind.

State laws define controlled substances as not just narcotics, but also medications for ADD/ADHD, sleep, weight loss and anxiety. New changes in Ohio/Indiana/Kentucky laws require us to take additional measures when prescribing controlled substances to our patients. These include:

  • Patients who are prescribed any of the above classes of medications will now be asked to sign a controlled substance agreement which outlines our policy in accordance with state laws.
  • In addition, patients will be required to be seen in the office every 90 days, with the exception of ADD/ADHD medication patients (who must be seen every 6 months.)
  • Patients may also be asked to perform a urine drug screening test in the office to confirm the presence or absence of controlled substances.
  • As providers, we are required to review a controlled substance report on each patient through OARRS (Ohio Automated Rx Reporting System) when prescribing a controlled substance.

We ask our patients to please understand that these recent changes are not only state mandated, but are also in the best interest of our patients.



Why are these changes being made?

In the face of the opioid epidemic, our law makers have designed these regulations to help combat opioid deaths, misuse of opioids and prevention of opioid abuse.


What does the agreement say?

Read the full agreement ControlledSubstanceStatement.


What if I don’t want to sign the agreement?

If you choose not to sign the controlled substance agreement, we are legally not able to prescribe any controlled substances.


Will I be required to take a urine drug screen?

Urine drug screens will be ordered at the discretion of your provider.


What is the purpose of the urine drug screen?

The urine screen is preformed to determine that the substance that we are prescribing you is in your system, and to make sure that medications we are not prescribing are not in your system.


What happens if marijuana shows up in my drug screen?

This is legal in many states and will not affect controlled substance prescriptions, in this office.


Why must I be seen by my provider every 90 days (6 months if ADHD medication)?

It is important for your provider to monitor your health while you are taking a controlled substance to ensure you are not experiencing any adverse effects.


 Can I get my controlled substances from different doctors?

We prefer that you obtain all controlled substances prescriptions from one doctor, but if there is a circumstance where you are receiving prescriptions from another provider, you must indicate that in the controlled substance agreement.


 Why must I agree to use only one pharmacy to fill my prescription? And why must I list that pharmacy in the agreement?

It’s important to use only one pharmacy to fill your prescription to avoid accidental interactions from other medications from other prescribers and to avoid over utilization.


Will you give my OARRS report to anyone else?

No, this becomes part of your medical record but will not be shared with anyone else.


What if I think I am addicted to my medication(s)?

Please call our office!  We are here to help you!



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