Concierge Medicine

Concierge medicine is an enhanced access plan for patients who desire the ability to have direct access with their preferred provider. Patients with concierge medicine pay an annual fee (or monthly payments) that covers their membership in the practice, as well as all office visits, an annual physical exam, patient navigation services, and consultation with a dietician (nutritionist) and a genetics specialist. In addition, concierge medicine patients have direct 24/7 cell phone and email access to their designated, personal physician. Concierge medicine is the optimal solution for patients who want premium care, superior access and wellness consultations on demand.

We offer concierge medicine for men and women. Our women’s concierge practice is called Ms.Medicine, and you can learn more about our model and why we have a special offering just for women by visiting our Ms.Medicine website.


  • Priority appointment scheduling
  • All primary care office visits, including 60-minute physical
  • Care by your preferred, personal physician
  • 24/7 cell phone, email access to your provider (except 4 weeks provider vacation/year)
  • Personal care coordination services
  • Urgent/sick office visits guaranteed within 24 hours with your provider (if possible)
  • Access to MyChart (online medical records) via EPIC
  • Laboratory testing, imaging, specialist referrals and hospital services billed to your insurance as usual
  • Home visits, pending provider availability (additional fee applies)
  • 30-minute annual consultation with our in-house nutritionist, Jennifer Bain, RDN, LDN, MEd
  • 30-minute annual cancer risk and genetics consultation with geneticist Lori White, PhD

Best For:

  • Patients who are seeking premium service and direct 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access to their personal provider
  • Patients with complicated medical issues who need personalized support of our practice care team
  • Our Ms.Medicine model is best for women who wish to prioritize their health, focus on wellness and prevention, and ensure their needs are met by their primary care provider

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