Women’s Health

Midlife women’s health and women’s sexual health are special areas of focus for our team of certified women’s health providers. From comprehensive gynecology care, to sexual health, to the latest technology for treatment of vaginal atrophy, we are committed to helping women retain or regain their quality of life. Read on to learn more about our women’s health services.

Comprehensive Gynecology Care:

Board-certified gynecologist Gretchen Fermann, MD, provides comprehensive gynecology care in our offices on a part-time basis. A member of Seven Hills Women’s Health Center, Dr. Fermann provides comprehensive gynecology services, including contraception, IUD insertion, colposcopy and other office-based procedures and care. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Fermann at our Mariemont location, please call (Seven Hills Women’s Health Center’s main line at) 513-233-2000.

Menopause Consultation:

A certified menopause practitioner, Dr. Larkin offers specialized menopause consultations. Her goal is to work in collaboration with a patient’s primary care physician to help manage menopause symptoms with safe, hormonal and non-hormonal options based on scientific evidence.

Each one-hour consultation includes a comprehensive health assessment, a personalized menopause management plan, evidence-based treatment recommendations and a written report summarizing the results of the consultation. Additional 30-minute follow-up appointments if needed. Any lab work ordered will be submitted to insurance for possible coverage.

Sexual Health:

Dr. Larkin is a fellow of the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health (ISSWSH) and applies her knowledge to help women with sexual health concerns. Sexual health consultations include a comprehensive, personalized, one-hour visit/exam to address a variety of concerns, including: sexual pain, menopause-related sexual dysfunction, low desire, sexual dysfunction related to cancer treatment and other issues. Additional 30-minute follow-up appointments if needed. Any lab work ordered will be submitted to insurance for possible coverage.

GSM (or Vulvar-Vaginal Atrophy) Treatment:

The term Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause – or GSM – encompasses a group of symptoms that may occur in the vulvovaginal and bladder-urethral areas from loss of estrogen that occurs with menopause. Our office offers a comprehensive assessment and a personalized and individualized discussion of the currently available and approved options to treat this condition. It is not one size fits all, and our office provides a complete discussion of the available therapies to treat this condition, including OTC lubricants, local vaginal estrogen, vaginal DHEA, oral medications (such as Ospemifene,) pelvic health physical therapy, and laser-based therapies, including the MonaLisa Touch™ laser. Learn more about GSM and its treatments here.

Pelvic Health Physical Therapy:

Pelvic Health Physical Therapy is a specialized area of physical therapy that concentrates in the pelvic region. For women, this means physical therapy treatment to help with conditions such as pelvic pain, postpartum pain, urinary incontinence, bladder pain, bowel dysfunction and many others. Learn more about Dr. Stacey Hendricks, doctor of physical therapy and a board-certified Women’s Health Clinical Specialist, and the services she offers here.

Breast Cancer Risk Assessment:

Women are aware that screening for breast cancer with an annual mammogram is important, and most women check the box off their annual mammogram and forget about their risk of breast cancer for a year. But an annual screening for breast cancer versus understanding personal risk of developing breast cancer are two vastly different things. Our practice now offers individualized breast cancer risk assessment screening to determine your risk for breast cancer – an important metric in your overall health. Read more about our breast cancer risk assessment consultations.

Cancer Survivorship:

Cancer survivorship consults include an evaluation for survivors, including late-term effects of cancer therapies (chemotherapy, radiation and drug therapy.) Focus includes identifying opportunities for improved wellness, appropriate screenings and late consequences of cancer treatment therapies. Consult includes visit with in-house dietician (nutritionist). Additional 30-minute follow-up appointments if needed. Any lab work ordered will be submitted to insurance for possible coverage.

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