Healthy Meals To Go

Healthy, Convenient Meals to Go!


We are pleased to now offer convenient, healthy and fully cooked meals to go, prepared by Chef Nikki Zuefle! Nikki focuses on creating healthy, great tasting meals from sustainable, local sources.




Nikki will feature one meal each week, and each month, we will post her weekly menu here on our website.


You can order your meal (each meal serves two adults) by calling our office (513.760.5511) or emailing [email protected] Orders placed by the end of the day Wednesday can be picked up the following Wednesday at our offices. Each meal (serving two) costs $40.


June Meals


Order by May 30th/Pick up June 6


Pink spaghetti with roasted root vegetables and a beet and ricotta sauce. Topped with a lemon-basil gremolata with toasted walnuts and Parmesan. Served with peppercorn grilled salmon and watermelon salad. Gluten free. Can substitute tofu or shrimp.



Order by June 6/Pick up June 13

Chicken Thai Crunch

Slow roasted Amish chicken served over a healthy blend of mixed greens, brown rice, Napa cabbage and Bok Choy, carrots, cucumbers, red peppers, scallions, cilantro and roasted peanuts. Served with sesame-ginger vinaigrette and fresh fruit. Gluten free. Can substitute tempeh or tofu.



Order by June 13/Pick up June 20

Mediterranean Falafel

Homemade falafel served with herbed tabbouleh with cucumber, olives, tomatoes, red onion, feta cheese and arugula. Comes with hummus, tzatziki and pita. Vegetarian.



Order by June 20/Pick up June 27

Tofu and vegetable Biryani with homemade panir

Classic and flavor-packed Indian dish. Served with roasted garlic naan, raita and Delhi-style cucumber salad. This dish is not made spicy. You can substitute chicken or lamb. Vegetarian.


PLEASE note:

-All meal proteins may be subbed with tofu, tempeh, seitan or extra vegetables. Any dish can be made to be gluten free if desired.

-Allergies or aversions? Please contact us directly so Nikki may consider options in future menu offerings



About Nikki Zuefle:

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Nikki’s interest in cooking began at age 9, when she checked out a cookbook on Indian Cuisine from the school library. Her passion for the culinary arts developed into a career when she started working in the food industry at age 17. Her interest was further ignited after the loss of a family member due to cancer, which sparked a hunger for a deeper understanding about the relationship of the foods we eat and a healthier lifestyle.


After two decades in the restaurant and catering industry, Nikki has developed a style which focuses on healthy, great tasting meals, from sustainable local sources. The center point of her menus are the balance of fun, flavor, and nutrition.


“My hope is to create both healthy and easy dinners that help others enjoy, and learn about food while reaching a more fulfilling and nutritious meal time experience,” she says.

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