Lisa Larkin, MD, and Associates is growing tremendously! We are always happy to receive resumes from promising candidates. Feel free to forward your resume to [email protected].




Lisa Larkin, MD, and Associates is a successful, internal medicine and women’s health practice in Cincinnati, Ohio. We provide primary care for men and women (over the age of 16) using the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model. In addition to primary care, our office offers comprehensive women’s health and specialty wellness services, such as nutrition counseling, pelvic health physical therapy and others.


The Direct Primary Care model is an emerging model in primary care that focuses on accessibility, affordability and personalization. DPC practices create a direct financial relationship with their patients, which eliminates the obstacle of insurance for primary care services. Patients pay a nominal monthly fee as a member of the practice, and reasonable costs for office visits, labs and some medications. The practice is able to limit the number of patients in the practice, ensuring that patients spend less time in the waiting room, more time with their physician when needed, and encouraging stronger relationships between patients and physicians to promote wellness. Studies show that patients of DPC practices spend less money overall on healthcare and have better health outcomes.


We are seeking an enthusiastic, caring and knowledgeable primary care provider to join our growing practice. Interested parties should forward cover letter and CV to [email protected].


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